XPERIAL Sustainable Farming – History

Part of Agrihealth group founded in 1966, XPERIAL International provide services that can help farmers and other stakeholders in the global poultry industry to fulfil the modern day challenge of feeding an ever growing worldwide population in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

XPERIAL is a leading poultry veterinary consultancy practice in Europe, meeting all the modern farming needs of broilers, breeders and layers. We focus on improved welfare and reduction in antibiotic use, which is in keeping with the most recent European Union (EU) legislation and strategy. The veterinary practice, originally called Agrihealth, has evolved over the past 50 years when it began providing a specialised diagnostic and advisory service to the expanding poultry industry.

Its poultry division now operates an integrated farm to fork approach, with a wealth of knowledge based on this 50 years of providing diagnostic, farm management, biosecurity and monitoring services to the poultry industry including the farmer, producer and retailer. Our veterinary and food safety expertise is consulted by government bodies in relation to policy matters influencing the future of the poultry industry.